Saturday, 16 February 2008

Wanna lose weight- 5 bite diet

5 bite diet is a new diet, for those womans who wants to get fit very fast. it is said that is very efficient and after this you won’t get back an the initial weight.5 bite diet consists in taking only five bites of what you want 3 times on a day, drink a lot of water, and at night you must take a multivitamin pill. Those who tried this diet said that is fenomenal, and everyone should try it. You must be confident while you take the 5 bite diet.
Look what a person said after he tried the 5 bite diet:
”I am a guy who lost 104 pounds. If you are interested, I have kept that 104 pounds off for the past year. Since then my energy level has dramatically increased and I have participated in climbing the 75 floors of the US Bank Tower in 17 minutes, something that I could never have done otherwise. And further, I am registered for two more stair climb races this year and I hope to climbt he Sears Tower in Chicago in November. Maybe it isn’t for everyone, but Dr. Lewis’ program continues to work for me. Thanks, Doctor!”
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Razzvan said...

link catre mine pentru primul paragraf? :)

Experience diet diary said...

I'm from Japan.
Glad to meet you.

Indeed I am sorry,Please link to this site.
Keep it up please.

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